Crap! That is not what we want you for an experience!

There are several reasons why it may be buffering:

  1. Check your internet connection on your device and make sure you are connected. If your modem or router was backed up from a power outage, be sure to power cycle your modem/router to ensure that you are getting a fresh connection.
  2. Check your battery level on the device. In most cases, it affects the loading of any streaming app movies or videos if you are almost on a low battery. Recharge it and get back to Reveel and start watching again!
  3. Restart your device to have a fresh background and go back to Reveel. 
  4. Check If all movies or videos are the same, if yes, do 1, 2 & 3. Once done, you can also try reinstalling your Reveel app, and be sure to restart your device and log back into your account to start watching again.
  5. If all fail, be sure to contact support so we can check the issue for you. Please feel free to take a short video on what is happening each time you try to watch a movie while it buffers so we can better assess the problem. 

Need More Support?

If you need further assistance, please use the Live Chat at the bottom and chat with our amazing Customer Support Team or email